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Official End of the Summer and Geek Week

Tomorrow marks the official “end” of summer, at least for most of the teachers in my district.  Yes, I’m included in that number and at this point, I think I’m ready to head back.  Going into my seventh year of teaching, I’m glad that I still love my job.  I didn’t think I’d last this long after the first few months of teaching as a newbie, but here I am (I’m going to write more about this on Friday).

So now let’s talk about “Geek Week” on YouTube.  Two of the channels I subscribe to, Nerdist and Geek and Sundry, are a part of this presentation for all things “geek” on YouTube.  If you haven’t subscribed to either of those channels, I definitely recommend it.  Honestly, there’s so much content being uploaded on both of those channels, it’s getting to be a difficult to catch up, especially with our official “report back day” happening tomorrow.  There are a few other channels presenting on Geek Week as well so I’m sure I’ll check those out too.

Anyway, I do want to show two of the videos I saw which have something of an educational component to it.

First, we have this video talking about the “issues” of building a fully functional Death Star.

Honestly, TIE fighters would be easier to get to, since they’ve already developed Ion Engines.

Then there’s this video, which is self-explanatory.

Okay, honestly, there is a very small educational component to both of these videos . . . I just want to show them because they’re pretty rad.

Yes, I used the word “rad.”  Deal with it.

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