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Friday Favorites

October 10, 2014 Leave a comment

So, here I am, a little refreshed after having the week off for Fall Break (though it still feels weird to have a break now) and somewhat ready to go back to work.  For the next few days, I’ll be readjusting my mindset to “school-mode,” which honestly, isn’t all that different from “non-school mode.”  Just less swearing.

Anyway, I have continued with my 365 Photo-A-Day Challenge and yes, I feel I’m a better photographer than when I first started.  It also helps that I upgraded my equipment midway through!  Honestly, it just reinforces the idea that working hard at something will yield some positive results.

So here are a few more favorites from the past few weeks.



If you’d like, I’m also on Instagram if you’d like to follow me there.  I’m at photo #283 right now and yes, I’m pretty proud of myself for staying consistent with this idea.  If you scroll through my Instagram feed, you’ll see a progression from the beginning of the year to now, in terms of the photographs I’ve taken.  It’s been fun!

Other Favorites from the week:

1) Agents of Shield is definitely picking up well during the second season.  May have to write more on this later.

2) I’m also liking Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.  Very alien and also a very good foil to the human companion(s) on the show, especially Clara.  Also, apparently Clara is one of THE most important companions in the Who-Mythology.  Her run as the companion has seen her influence a number of critical events in the mythology of the show.  More on that later as well!  We’ll see how it goes with a possible “Clara-less” show this Saturday.

3) Great Basin Sweet Potato Waffle Fries.  Holy smokes I can’t get enough of those things.  I’ll see if I can’t get a picture of em’ the next time around.

4) NBA basketball.  Huge basketball fan (Lakers fan) and any fan should appreciate seeing Kobe Bryant back in action.  Yes, he’s older and performing off two very extensive and devastating injuries, but the guy keeps hustling.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back Monday 🙂



Coulson Lives! (And Shepherd Book and Charles Gunn)

September 24, 2013 Leave a comment

I knew there was an advanced screening of Agents of SHIELD during ComicCon this summer and some of the first reviews were very positive.  That, of course, led to some anticipation on my part for tonight.

So here’s a quick review, which hopefully, will be spoiler-free.

I definitely like seeing a familiar character, like Coulson, given an opportunity in a different role, this time as the “alpha.”  Coulson is leading his own hand-selected team, post-Avengers, as a sort of investigative arm for SHIELD.  Clark Gregg definitely inhabits the role with confidence, especially after reprising it within the Marvel Universe.  However, especially with the set-up at the beginning of the show, the writers have given Coulson a little mystery, which no doubt, will be a recurring theme throughout the series.

Honestly, I didn’t know how to feel about that.  I wondered if this mystery behind Coulson would be enough for people to invest in the character.  I know I’m going to keep watching to see how they’ll tie up this “loose end,” but I’m curious to see how they’ll keep building on this question throughout the series to keep other viewers interested.  So this question is, Coulson lives, but why?

Overall, I thought the show had a nice premise, especially built off of the success of the Avengers.

But that’s what worries me a bit . . . that it was just . . . nice.

I know the show just started and only taking a single snapshot wouldn’t do it justice, especially being a fan of Whedon’s.  That’s why  I know I’ll keep giving it a shot, just because of Whedon’s track record, especially on TV.  His shows, whether he’s producing or directing, deserve a shot.

I still miss Firefly.  And I think this show does have potential.

Speaking of Firefly, it was nice seeing Ron Glass and then watching J. August Richards (Angel) show up as a “catalyst” for the plot.  It seems interesting to me how often the Whedon crew “goes to the well,” so to speak, for some of the roles they need to cast.  I know Ron Glass will be a recurring character so seeing “Shepherd Book” alive and well put a smile on my face.

Anyway, I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode, but I know I’ll definitely tune in.

Now, since I’m missing Firefly, here’s a little video!

Time Marches . . .

September 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Today was the first day it actually felt like the season was starting to turn.  There was a chill in the evening that seem to herald the coming of Fall, which I definitely welcome.  Of course, if I was feeling that “chill in the evening,” it just meant I was leaving work after a long day.

With the Fall coming nearer, it just means that time marches on.  And things are starting to look better . . .

Earlier in the year, it seemed as if the class were taking “one step forward, two steps back” as I tried to adjust the students to working at a fifth grade level, at least for Room 55.  It was maddening, frustrating and very tiring as I came home very exhausted, collapsing into bed just hours after getting home, just to get enough rest for the next day.

Last week, it seemed as if we had moved on to “two steps forward, two steps back.”

Now, it seems as if we’re in “two steps forward, one step back” mode, at least in terms of our work ethic and behavior.  I just can’t wait until the class gets to “two steps forward . . .”

That’s when they’ll understand the potential they have is only unlocked by how hard and focused they work.  That’s when I’m sure, we’ll all have some fun.  It’s starting to get there now, after 5 weeks of school!

Anyway,  onto some other topics:

1)  I did manage to get away two Saturdays ago.  It wasn’t very far, so the “trip” wasn’t as exciting as I’d hope it’d be.  I actually managed to drive up (for a brief moment) to Nevada City.  Honestly, walking up and down the historical district of Nevada City reminded me of Virginia City . . . just with a different environment.  Not dusty and arid, but lush and vibrant.  One’s not necessarily better than the other, but it was nice to get out of the state for a bit.

Next trip, I’ll take some pictures!

2)  Time marches . . . so new television shows to see, current ones to catch up to, and old television shows to say goodbye.

  • How I Met Your Mother – Their last season so we’re meeting the Mother and watching a wedding.  We’ll see if they can send this show out on a high note.  Might have to write about the first episode . . . maybe.
  • New Girl – I’ve watched this show off and on and every time I’ve watched, I’ve enjoyed it.  I know Season 2 has just been released on Netflix, so maybe I’ll catch up sometime during the Fall.
  • Agents of Shield – Joss Whedon.  I’ll see what happens, just because, well . . . Joss Whedon.
  • Longmire – A friend is constantly recommending this to me so I’ll have to watch it eventually.  I’m sure I’ll get to this sometime during the Fall, or maybe even the Winter.  We’ll see.

3)  Dr. Who 50th.

I’m trying to figure out how to watch this.  Honestly, I haven’t really looked into the options so I’ll start within the next few days to see what I can do.  Obviously, I’m excited by the announced cast already, though I guess there’s still a few “possibilities” open for casting.

All I know is that the 10th and 11th Doctors are in.  Definitely curious to see the dynamic play between David Tennant and Matt Smith.  Both Doctors, I felt, were superb and Matt definitely grew on me as a Doctor, like Tennant did after Eccleston.  I’m also curious, as everyone else is, with John Hurt and the “Doctor” he’s playing.

Oh, so much to write about!

Anyway . . . a video, as always 🙂  For some reason, this scene has been sticking constantly in my mind.

More Dr. Who

August 27, 2013 Leave a comment

I’m right in the middle of Season 4 of Dr. Who (watching on Netflix . . . thank you internet) and I’m a definite Dr. Who fan (at least for the reboot) without any doubt.

Of course, the problem I’ve had is trying to explain Dr. Who to my friends.

As I’ve tried to explain Dr. Who to a few people, it’s been interesting with the comparisons I’ve come up with, and frankly, every comparison works at this point.  You see, instead of describing the premise of the show, I like going with the “comparison show” route when I’m convincing my friends to check out a show.  So now, I’m going to list a few ways I’ve tried to explain Dr, Who to my friends . . .

1)  Samurai Jack – I’m not sure why this came to mind, but some of the adventures the Doctor gets into reminds me of some of the situations Jack would find himself in.  Both characters dealt with a variety of aliens and both definitely felt alone in a vast and terrifyingly beautiful universe.

Both characters also felt an inevitable pull to help those around them, despite the destruction they would bring.  Both would save civilizations from evil and darkness.

2)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I think this one works because of the pulse of mythology that surrounds the show, whether its a reference from history or building up their own unique legends and stories.  Again, you have a lone hero(ine), but this time, the character no longer fights alone.  Buffy definitely had her “companions” as she battled the creatures of the dark , as the Doctor had built up his.

And yes, the destruction that followed Buffy is somewhat similar to what the Doctor had to deal with.  And yes, Buffy also felt that “pull” to help those around her.

3)  Inspector Spacetime – Just kidding 🙂  We all know why this show exists in the first place (and Community is definitely an underrated show as well!)

Anyway, any help on comparison shows to tell my friends about?  Any shows you might compare Dr. Who to?

You could also tell what type of shows my friends watch as well 😉

I’m currently watching the “Forest of the Dead” episode, and sooner or later, I’m definitely going to write out a favorites list for episodes of Dr. Who.  At this point, David Tennant is definitely my favorite Doctor of the two I’ve seen (though I thought Eccleston’s was pretty good as well).  Question is how I’m going to catch up to the rest of the series before that huge 50th Anniversary show that’s coming up?

School is in Session

August 20, 2013 Leave a comment

I took last week to get myself back into the flow of running a classroom again.  I’m still in the process of doing so, even with the second week in full swing.  Every day, the class gets closer and closer to where I think they should be, at least in terms of management and I can’t wait until it does.  This year has been a little “rough around the edges” as I’ve told a few people, but I think they can get there and be the classroom I think they can be.  They’re just taking a little longer than other classes I’ve had in the past.  Some classes get there within a week, others within a few hours (those are the classes you remember fondly).  Anyway, I think I’ll write more about this on Friday.

Since school is in session, I thought I’d hop back onto a train I once started.

A few months back, I decided to start watching Dr. Who, at least the rebooted version that started in 2005 on the BBC.  I was gathering up steam, but then the CRTs came around and I got rather busy.  I didn’t think I’d pick it up again, until I saw this video below:

The video above was a part of a list about 20 Science Fiction moments that would make you cry.  I definitely recommend checking out that link as well.  Unless, of course, you have no heart which means I can’t help you.  

Anyway, after watching that video, I’ve started binge watching Dr. Who episodes starting from Saturday night (yes, I wild party animal I am).  I got through the first season with Eccleston as the Doctor and I’m just about done with Season Two, with Tennant at the helm.  I think I may have to reserve judgment about a favorite Doctor until I’ve caught up.  However, I did sneak a peak at the actual “Vincent and the Doctor” episode so I do have a little exposure to Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Anyway, like a few other “cult” shows out there, the mythology behind show absolutely fascinates me, especially when more of the characters are flushed out and left exposed (in a good way).  What’s even better (at least in my opinion) is that some of the villains, and there are some incredible ones within the Dr. Who universe, get time to develop their character.  It’s subtle how the writing builds these “antagonists” then completely gives them another facet to their personality.

It just makes me smile.

I also think a small part of me is infatuated with Rose Tyler, but I think that should be given, correct?

Anyway, the Doctor has already climbed the charts in terms of favorite characters in television or film.  Unfortunately, I’ve stopped watching for tonight (possibly) but I can’t wait until “school is in session” with the Doctor.

And yes, I also just saw the episode where the Doctor was a teacher . . . and apparently Giles from Buffy the Vampire slayer was the “Headmaster.”  It was nice seeing Anthony Stewart Head as a bad guy!

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